Child Support

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Laws and potential legal issues relating to child support are complex and can involve a broad range of issues. Examples of child support issues include:

  • A former spouse stops paying child support or does not make full payments, resulting in payments that are in arrears, and potentially, contempt of court charges.
  • Child support payments become unaffordable, or were too large or small from the start, and need to be modified.
  • Child support modification is needed due to relocation, job loss, a change in income or another material change.
  • Child support payments need to be modified because a child turns 18 years old or because child custody arrangements are changed.

At the Worsham Law Firm, P.A., we can provide aggressive and experienced advocacy in pursuit of your child support legal matter. Our Little Rock child support attorneys have helped hundreds of individuals and families across Arkansas since 1994.

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  • Does your ex-spouse make significantly more money now than when your child support payment amount was first set?
  • Do you make less money now than before, and feel you can no longer afford to pay the child support payment you are obligated to pay?

We can help. We are experienced in family law matters in a range of matters relating to child support, like calculating complex income questions prior to modifying an established child support agreement.

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