Who Is The Father?

Establishing Paternity

When a child's parents are unmarried, a paternity test must be administered to legally establish the identity of a child's father. At the Worsham Law Firm, P.A., we provide legal services to alleged fathers, fathers who are unmarried to the mother of their child, and mothers in paternity matters.

If you have questions about paternity or fathers' rights in Arkansas, contact our Little Rock paternity lawyers today. Our firm is committed to doing what is best for each child involved. Learn more about our approach to family law and paternity matters today.

Why Is Paternity Important?

Establishing paternity is important for mothers to ensure that the father is legally obligated to make child support payments. Establishing paternity is important for fathers seeking child custody and visitation rights. However, establishing paternity is most important for the child or children involved. Legally establishing parentage is the first step necessary to allow fathers to play an important and pivotal role in a child's life.

By establishing paternity, a father can seek to enforce his rights in a variety of matters, including child support, child custody and visitation. If paternity is not established and parents are unmarried, a father cannot exercise these rights.

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