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Does Arkansas law recognize different types of guardianships?

Appointing a person to care for minor children of a parent who is unable to do so, either due to illness or incapacitation, is well-established legally, as well as socially. However, the circumstances under which a guardian is appointed and the manner of a guardian's appointment have evolved over the years. As a result, today's legal statutes regarding guardianships also have become more nuanced and tend to vary depending on the scenario.

Things to remember when considering adoption in Arkansas

For most people, a family is built around married spouses and biological children. Many, however, do choose to adopt rather than have children of their own. There are many different reasons for this, ranging from health-related issues to altruistic motives. However, adoption is not always well understood and, often, prospective parents are required to meet several stringent criteria. Most crucially, adoptive parents need to prove to the adoption agency that they can take care of and provide for the child using existing means.

Why is paternity a legal issue in Arkansas?

The identification of a family as a unit comprising a wage-earning father, a caregiving mother and one or more children is an historical concept which, in recent times, has become outdated. Today, the father is equally likely to be the stay-at-home parent taking care of the children or not married to the mother of the child. Also, the dissolution of the traditional family unit now provides a definite case for distinguishing between the biological father and the father who provides emotional and financial support.

What do child custody disputes involve in Arkansas?

A slight complication can turn a child custody issue into a dispute that might ultimately have to be settled by a court. In particular, the linked issues of child custody and support often come up before a judge presiding over a divorce. While this is usually a tussle between the parents, it can involve grandparents as well.

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