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The Jenner's sign divorce papers

According to studies, divorce is steadily increasing in the United States, including Arkansas. The end of a marriage can indeed be difficult for everyone, including celebrity couples. There are many issues to address, including child custody, property division and spousal support. There may be a brighter side to the story, too, by spelling the end of negative emotions, such as bitterness and animosity, and holding the promise of a brighter future. A couple can look forward to moving on, in terms of career and future positive relationship opportunities, as well.

Settling Arkansas child-custody disputes amicably

Many Arkansas couples would probably agree on this fundamental point: when parents fight during divorce proceedings, their children lose. It is wrong of anyone to think that children are not perceptive. They observe everything, but do not always understand what they see. This often creates fear, insecurity, hopelessness and, sometimes, feelings that they are to blame. For all of these reasons, meeting the best interests of children argues for their parents to adopt a co-parenting plan. For both parents, this means putting their interests aside for the sake of their children.

How paternity has become more important in child support

With social, economic and demographic changes making the concept of the nuclear family less dominant in this country, including Arkansas, some 17 million children in the United States now live with one parent. With single parenting becoming an accepted norm, the importance of ordering and enforcing the collection of child support has increased. Along with it has come the need to ensure that paternity is established in cases in which a child's biological parents were never married.

Family law: help with a legal separation in Arkansas

Often, even after the first rush of love dies, U.S. residents, including those in Arkansas, are afraid of untying the matrimonial knot. Some residents may opt for legal separation, which is not just physically moving apart, but involves certain settling critical matters, such as child support, child custody, debt and property division. It is definitely appropriate to consult a seasoned attorney who can guide a separating couple through all these family law matters.

Understanding Arkansas standby guardianships

In many American states, including Arkansas, state guardianship laws have been changed in order to accommodate the needs of children when their parents are seriously ill or incapacitated. The initial trigger for passing the standby guardianship law was to help children whose parents contracted HIV/AIDS. However, standby guardians are now being used by parents who are suffering from other terminal diseases, such as cancer. Standby guardianship ensures that the emotional and psychological health of a child is protected when a parent is unable to fulfill parental duties.

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