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Under what conditions is guardianship terminated?

Children, especially if they are disabled, need constant love and care. Most children receive that love and care from their parents. However, there are many children in Arkansas, and in the rest of the United States, who have lost their parents for a variety of reasons. In such cases, the children are often cared for by guardians. In Arkansas, those guardians can either be designated by the parents prior to their deaths or by the family court after taking into consideration the best interest of the child.

How can military parents establish paternity?

Establishing paternity has a lot of benefits for the mother, the child and the biological father. In addition to establishing a foundation for a continued relationship between the father and his biological child, establishing paternity also causes the father to have legal and financial obligations for his child.

Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorce shocks the nation

Divorce can be difficult for any couple, and there are many times when emotions run high and get out of control during that time in the couple's life. A divorce often involves various legal issues. Such legal issues may include financial matters, like spousal support and child support, especially when the couple's financial means differ. In some cases in which the separating couple has had a bitter separation, there may be various reasons for the split, including infidelity and domestic abuse.

Parental alienation is a common concern for many parents

When parents get divorced, the situation can be very stressful for children. After the divorce, the children will generally live with one parent and the other parent will have visitation rights. However, matters may get worse if one parent does something to prevent the children from maintaining regular contact with the other parent. That is commonly known as "parental alienation" and it is a common problem that many parents face after divorce.

Arkansas OCSE can enforce medical insurance orders

A divorced spouse in Arkansas may find it challenging if that person needs medical insurance coverage, especially if that spouse is also the custodial parent of the ex-couple's child. The parent may have a job but that job may not provide any medical insurance benefits. The ex-spouse should note that the Office of Child Support Enforcement has provisions that allow the custodial parent to file a petition to request a share of the health insurance benefits that the non-custodial parent receives.

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