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What is the connection between paternity and child support?

Fathers in Arkansas have a right to know whether a child is theirs. While this knowledge can help establish a relationship between the father and the child, and may allow the father to seek an active role in the child's life, there is another important reason to determine paternity: to establish a child support order.

Dads have legal rights that need to be protected

Many parents in Arkansas want to be involved in their child's upbringing. However, the relationship between the mother and the father this is not always possible and in many cases, parents need to split custody between themselves. Often this is the case with unmarried couples and couples who have been through a divorce.

A father's involvement can improve a child's life

Children have a lot of needs. These needs are often filled by both the child's mother and the child's father. However, not every father is actively involved in their child's life. In today's society it is not unusual for a child to live in a single-parent home. In fact, many residents in Arkansas are not actively involved in their child's life. This may be by choice or the other parent may be preventing a relationship from occurring.

What types of paternity tests are available?

Many decades ago, most children were born to married couples. In these situations, it was relatively easy to determine the identity of the child's parents.. While it is still easy to determine, in most cases, who the child's biological mother is, it can be more difficult to determine who the child's father is. In today's society, it is not unusual for a child to be born out of wedlock, making it difficult to pinpoint the child's father to a 100 percent certainty.. Additionally, the law may not recognize a man as being a child's father without more definitive proof.

How do you establish paternity in Arkansas?

While some families are developed following a marriage, others occur out of wedlock. While there is no right or wrong way to start a family, unmarried parents sometimes face some legal challenges regarding their children. For some mothers, it might not be entirely clear who the father is, or the father fails to take on their parental duties. Or, unmarried mothers may face legal action by the father who is pursuing their rights. In all of these matters, paternity will likely need to be established.

Don't let a child slip away, establish paternity

There are many complicated family law matters that parents throughout Arkansas may find themselves involved in. When it comes to their children, people often want to vigorously fight to save their relationship with their child. However, if order to do this the court must first recognize the person as the child's parent.

In what ways can paternity be established?

The important role of a father in a child's life is well documented. Children benefit in a number of ways when their fathers are an active part of their life, including being better behaved, more confident, and emotionally stable, and most fathers want to be as active as they can in their children's lives. For these reasons, establishing paternity is often very important to children and fathers alike.

Fathers play an important role in their children's lives

Families in Arkansas today come in all shapes and sizes. A family could consist of one parent, two parents, no kids, or 10 kids. Whatever a family looks like, the most important thing is love. Children, in particular, need to feel that they are in a secure and loving environment in order to thrive. While this is often possible with only one parent, research shows that children benefit from both of their parents' presence.

Arkansas' general provisions for paternity testing

Right after the birth of most children in Arkansas, the father will typically fill out the forms required for Acknowledgment of Paternity in the hospital. However, in some cases the paternity of the child is disputed because the child was not the consequence of marriage or a long-term relationship, there were allegations of infidelity by the mother or for many other reasons.

How can military parents establish paternity?

Establishing paternity has a lot of benefits for the mother, the child and the biological father. In addition to establishing a foundation for a continued relationship between the father and his biological child, establishing paternity also causes the father to have legal and financial obligations for his child.

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