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Can grandparents in Arkansas seek visitation?

The bond between a child and his or her grandparents is of great importance. Grandparents in Arkansas can bring love and wisdom into a child's life. Moreover, children benefit from having a healthy relationship with their grandparents. Unfortunately, sometimes during a difficult divorce, one parent may keep his or her ex's parents from seeing their grandchild. What are the grandparents' rights in such situations? Can they seek visitation or child custody?

What factors are used in child custody decisions in Arkansas?

People often love spending time with their children. Therefore, it can be very difficult to think about losing time with them due to a child custody dispute. Child custody disputes can be full of raw emotions as parents try and figure out how they will split time with their children. A child custody dispute can arise with unmarried couples or when married couples go through a divorce. In either case, Arkansas family law courts will make a child custody determination if parents cannot come to an agreement on their own.

Arkansas man faces charges for taking custody of child

Residents in Arkansas feel very passionately about many issues. However, when it comes to a person's child, there are very few things that override a parent's love. People will often do anything and everything they can in order to make sure their children are happy, healthy and safe.

The difference between physical and legal child custody

When a couple has a child together, they often split duties when it comes to raising that child. However, when couples break up it's not always as easy to determine who will take care of the childrearing responsibilities. In many cases, each parent will want significant time with the child. When this happens, a child custody dispute is likely. In a child custody dispute, the courts will be tasked with determining which parent will receive physical custody and which parent should receive legal custody.

Advocating for your child custody needs is important

Most parents will do anything they can in order to give their children the best possible life. When parents are in the process of divorcing, their desires to protect her children can lead to bigger disputes. Each parent may have a different vision for how to split their child's time.

Grandparent custody in Arkansas

Parents take their responsibilities very seriously. This can lead to intense child custody battles when parents choose to divorce. However, parents are not the only people who take a vested interest in a child's life. Oftentimes the child's grandparents are also interested in having a relationship with the child.

How does religion play into child custody?-Part I

America is a democratic country in which with people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds come together and live harmoniously. Because of that, inter-religious marriages are not uncommon. When one of these couples has children and then divorces, religious differences not only become a subject of conflict, but those religious differences may also come up with regards to child custody. If the matter goes before a judge it can become rather controversial because the First Amendment allows every U.S. citizen to practice their own faith and religion.

Parental alienation is a common concern for many parents

When parents get divorced, the situation can be very stressful for children. After the divorce, the children will generally live with one parent and the other parent will have visitation rights. However, matters may get worse if one parent does something to prevent the children from maintaining regular contact with the other parent. That is commonly known as "parental alienation" and it is a common problem that many parents face after divorce.

Co-parenting as an alternative to bitter child custody battles

Divorced spouses in Arkansas may agree that child custody issues are often more demanding than the divorce battle itself. Generally, child custody is awarded to one parent and the other parent is required to pay child support. This custody decision made by the court is solely based on what it deems to be the best interests of the child.

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