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Qualifications for a Hague international adoption

When people want to expand their family they have many options. When people choose to adopt a child, they can choose to do so nationally or internationally. When adopting a child internationally, individuals in Arkansas are choosing to find an adopted child from outside of the United States. It can be a complicated and legally difficult process to complete an international adoption.

Unmarried couples and property division in Arkansas

Many couples in Arkansas choose to get married before living together and starting a family. However, people are not stuck to this traditional process anymore. In recent decades, many couples are living together prior to marriage and many are choosing never to marry at all. When this happens, unmarried couples need to understand that they have different legal rights than married couples. While their relationships may look the same, legally they have very different outcomes.

What is income for child support purposes in Arkansas?

The state of Arkansas has an interest in making sure that children within the state have the financial resources they need. Therefore, when a child's parents are not married, the family law court will generally order child support. Child support is a payment from one parent to the other in support of the child. Generally, the non-custodial parent is responsible for paying child support to the parent with custody over the child.

Alimony and its effect on taxes

When a couple decides to get married, they often intermix their finances, meaning that each person has access to the other's income and resources. However, when people decide to get divorced, this financial support system comes to an end. For an individual with a stable career, this might not be a huge issue. However, if one spouse stayed at home, to take care of children, for example, then the financial loss can be devastating.

The right legal approach to adoption

Adopting a child can bring a lot of joy to an Arkansas family if they have been trying to have a child but are not able to conceive. Adoption is also a good option because it provides a child who is without a family or a loving home with a family that can nurture and love that child. However, adoption can be a complicated process.

Arkansas OCSE can enforce medical insurance orders

A divorced spouse in Arkansas may find it challenging if that person needs medical insurance coverage, especially if that spouse is also the custodial parent of the ex-couple's child. The parent may have a job but that job may not provide any medical insurance benefits. The ex-spouse should note that the Office of Child Support Enforcement has provisions that allow the custodial parent to file a petition to request a share of the health insurance benefits that the non-custodial parent receives.

How expensive is it to adopt a child in Arkansas?

Prospective parents who are looking to adopt a child in Arkansas are often concerned about the costs of the process and the expenses afterward. Having a child is expensive, no matter how or she enters a family, but adoption can be less expensive than pregnancy and childbirth. Finding out about the types of adoption that are available will allow potential parents to budget for the expenses before they adopt.

Hamm alimony case disposition could be months away

Any Arkansas resident who has gone through divorce knows how painful it can be, even if the couple's assets were nothing out of the ordinary -- perhaps a house, cars, bank accounts and retirement plans. Now imagine the anger that might come with dividing millions of dollars in assets. Now, further imagine the deep resentments if that amount were multiplied again by thousands. This is the magnitude of the dispute between oil billionaire Harold Hamm and his ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall over his net worth and how much he might owe her, if she wins an alimony appeal.

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