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The number of Americans who marry twice or more is increasing

Even though the end of a marriage may be a stressful and overwhelming event, many individuals still consider remarriage to end stress and loneliness. A recent census report states that more Americans have remarried more than once, including residents of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Importance of joint property division after divorce in Arkansas

Divorcing couples in Arkansas can face tough times after the divorce becomes final. If a divorced couple fails to separate their estate plans or update financial arrangements in a timely manner, family members may be battling with ex-spouses or their former in-laws to attain certain assets and death benefits. Under the law, after death, property may automatically go to a spouse or to his or her family, if certain beneficiary designations are not updated.

Hamm alimony case disposition could be months away

Any Arkansas resident who has gone through divorce knows how painful it can be, even if the couple's assets were nothing out of the ordinary -- perhaps a house, cars, bank accounts and retirement plans. Now imagine the anger that might come with dividing millions of dollars in assets. Now, further imagine the deep resentments if that amount were multiplied again by thousands. This is the magnitude of the dispute between oil billionaire Harold Hamm and his ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall over his net worth and how much he might owe her, if she wins an alimony appeal.

Arkansas judge hears challenge to gay marriage ban

In recent times, advocates of same-sex marriages have exerted great pressure on state governments across the United States to recognize and legitimize gay marriages. A Washington Post-ABC News survey that was conducted in March this year showed that 58 percent of Americans want legal status for gay marriages.

Gay partners losing child custody following divorce

Do heterosexual couples make better parents than lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual parents? No conclusive research supports this theory. On the contrary, Pulaski, Arkansas, residents would be interested to know that recent research shows that children of same-sex couples are socially well-adjusted and have the same emotional and psychological development as those of heterosexual parents. However, despite the findings, prejudice against gay and lesbian parents continues unabated.

Proving cohabitation in an alimony dispute

Alimony, much like child support, is rarely static. An arrangement that made sense at the time of divorce may no longer be viable months or years later. Oftentimes, it is necessary for a modification - either raising or lowering the amount owed in monthly payments - or, in some cases, terminating the alimony arrangement altogether may prove necessary. When it comes time to attempt the modification or termination of an alimony arrangement, it is helpful for Arkansas residents to know what rights they have.

Clint Eastwood seeks to deny wife spousal support

Some individuals may tire of hearing about celebrity divorces, but they can serve as powerful examples of legal battles in which any divorcing couple can become embroiled. Celebrities, just like every day average Arkansas residents, often must deal with property division, child custody, child support, visitation rights, and spousal support. The increased media attention paid to these high-profile divorces allows individuals who may not be familiar with divorce's legal issues to become familiar with the process.

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