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Arkansas divorce: The basics

Divorce is a major chapter in any person's life. The way your divorce works out will impact you relationship with your children, your finances, where you live and other important parts of your life. Before filing for divorce, you should take time to organize your thoughts, make a plan, and do research on Arkansas family law so that you are not starting the process blind. A divorce attorney is your best source of information on what you can expect. Read below for things you should know before filing for divorce.

Divorcing With A Business: What You Need To Know

When people think of divorce, they usually think of it in terms of dividing assets and bank accounts, figuring out custody schedules and selling the home. However, when a couple owns a business together, a whole new set of issues come into play that can make what is already a difficult process even more trying. Arkansas is an equitable distribution state, which requires that property be divided in a fair fashion unless other arrangements have been made. However, unlike a bank account, where you can just divvy up the the amount, dividing up a business is a complicated process that requires you to have an expert attorney to assist in determining answers to the following questions, which will help determine your individual liability.

Here are two ways to protect your business in a divorce

If you own a small business, getting a divorce can present a distinct threat to its ongoing viability; particularly if you didn't have a prenuptial agreement, if your spouse worked at or helped build the business or if you mixed your personal and business finances. 

Get help making important decisions during a divorce

When Arkansas residents are living in an unhappy marriage they may think that the decision to divorce is the best choice for them. Once the decision to divorce has been made, people may feel like all of their important decisions are behind them. However, individuals should know that a divorce requires them to make a series of important financial and emotional decisions in order to start their new life. The specific decisions that need to be made will depend on the facts in each individual divorce.

Finances are important during Arkansas

A divorce can be an emotionally trying time for individuals in Arkansas. People need to separate their lives from the lives of their spouse. Whether a marriage lasted only a couple of years or a few decades, this can be a hard undertaking. While people are focused on their emotions, they may not realize the impact that a divorce can have on their finances. The divorce has the potential to make or break a person's financial future.

What is the UCCJEA and how does it affect child custody?

Arkansas residents are more mobile than ever before. With the invention of the Internet the world has gotten a little smaller. People can access information from all over the world and, therefore, work from all over the world. This gives individuals more flexibility when it comes to where they choose to live. While this can be a good thing, it can also complicate child custody matters -- especially when parents live in two different states.

Dealing with post-divorce issues

Going through the divorce process can be emotional and complex. Even when divorcing couples in Arkansas believe that they have reached a workable and fair divorce settlement, this does not always mean that they are done dealing with divorce issues or that the decision-making process has ended. And, while the post-divorce life can be a huge adjustment for some newly divorced individuals, it could also be a time when legal divorce issues need to be revisited.

Addiction issues can complicate a divorce

Ending a marriage can be a difficult decision for any person. There are many considerations that need to be made when a person in Arkansas decides to divorce. A divorce can be an emotionally draining, financially difficult and overall stressful time for children and parents alike.

Actor requests spousal support in divorce

When people get married the love they have for one another often compels them to forgo their individual interests. Instead, from the wedding forward, they work to build a life together. Each partner contributes to this new life, oftentimes financially. Over the years, their work together helps to create their own financial and emotional world. If the couple later decides to divorce, though, that world must be broken up and divided between the couple. This can often be a difficult and emotional process.

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