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The number of Americans who marry twice or more is increasing

Even though the end of a marriage may be a stressful and overwhelming event, many individuals still consider remarriage to end stress and loneliness. A recent census report states that more Americans have remarried more than once, including residents of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Importance of joint property division after divorce in Arkansas

Divorcing couples in Arkansas can face tough times after the divorce becomes final. If a divorced couple fails to separate their estate plans or update financial arrangements in a timely manner, family members may be battling with ex-spouses or their former in-laws to attain certain assets and death benefits. Under the law, after death, property may automatically go to a spouse or to his or her family, if certain beneficiary designations are not updated.

Retirement funds biggest overlooked asset in property division

Dividing property can be the most complicated part of any divorce. Arkansas law requires that all marital property be equitably distributed before a divorce is finalized. Marital property includes all assets and debts that a couple has accumulated during the marriage, all business assets and even individual retirement accounts. Too often, though, individual retirement accounts are overlooked by separating spouses.

How is property divided in Arkansas at the time of divorce?

Some residents of Pulaski, Arkansas, have gone through the pains of divorce and agree that a divorce emotionally and financially impacts all parties involved, including children. A divorce is usually followed by alimony, property division, child custody and child support. In order to have a secure financial future, it is important for spouses to first secure their interests.

The Jenner's sign divorce papers

According to studies, divorce is steadily increasing in the United States, including Arkansas. The end of a marriage can indeed be difficult for everyone, including celebrity couples. There are many issues to address, including child custody, property division and spousal support. There may be a brighter side to the story, too, by spelling the end of negative emotions, such as bitterness and animosity, and holding the promise of a brighter future. A couple can look forward to moving on, in terms of career and future positive relationship opportunities, as well.

Family law: help with a legal separation in Arkansas

Often, even after the first rush of love dies, U.S. residents, including those in Arkansas, are afraid of untying the matrimonial knot. Some residents may opt for legal separation, which is not just physically moving apart, but involves certain settling critical matters, such as child support, child custody, debt and property division. It is definitely appropriate to consult a seasoned attorney who can guide a separating couple through all these family law matters.

It is crucial to identify hidden assets in an Arkansas divorce

When a couple from Arkansas, or elsewhere, decides to file for divorce, both spouses have to deal with a number of issues. While it is often said that child custody and alimony are the most important areas that a couple needs to address, it is never wise to ignore something as important as property division. After all, finances play a huge role in shaping the future of an Arkansas separated spouse.

Singer Jewel, rodeo cowboy husband Ty Murray headed for divorce

They say marriages are made in heaven and are meant to last a lifetime. Romantic as it may be, some marriages fail to stand the test of time, and in Arkansas and throughout the country, a large number of marriages fall apart. Although some marriages fall apart due to increasing bitterness between spouses, a significant number of modern-day marriages end when the husband and wife realize that there are simply other things in life they value more than their marriage.

Increased divorce rates linked to improving U.S. economy

As many Arkansas divorcees are aware, the decision to separate can happen at any point in a couple's marriage. Sometimes a marriage lasts for decades before the couple realizes that their differences are irreconcilable. Other times a marriage may end mere months after the ceremony is complete. Every situation is unique, but one thing is clear -- divorce is oftentimes unavoidable when a marriage has reached the point of being irretrievably broken.

Valentine's Day conversation pieces for divorcees

As many Arkansas residents are likely aware, divorce affects how some holidays are celebrated. This is especially true for Valentine's Day. But this does not have to be so. People going through a divorce can use this time not to fester in resentment, but to have productive conversations with their soon-to-be ex-spouses.

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