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January 2014
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‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ singers file for divorce

All divorce cases are unique. Some couples may stay together for decades before finally coming to the realization that their differences are irreconcilable; others may only stay together for months, quickly realizing that the marriage is not going to work. There are also the many components of divorce to consider. Child custody, child support, property Read More

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January is a popular month for divorce

Many Arkansas residents have likely heard the statistic that 40% of marriages end in divorce in America. The truth is that many couples hastily rush into marriages before knowing whether or not they are really compatible with one another. It usually becomes quickly apparent that a marriage is not going to work. Still, many couples Read More

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Retirement assets can play a big role in property division

Divorcing couples are often surprised to discover how many assets they have accumulated during their marriages. Once they begin taking inventory, it quickly becomes apparent how complex the valuation of property can be. There are many smaller, less obvious assets — insurance policies, stock options and the like — and it is understandable why many Read More

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Rapper Ludacris takes steps to acknowledge paternity of child

When an unmarried couple in Arkansas has a child, there may be valid reasons for them to establish paternity should their relationship not last. Doing so can protect the rights of both the child’s mother and the father, and more importantly it can ensure the child’s needs are met. Rapper Ludacris has recently acknowledged that Read More

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