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Gay partners losing child custody following divorce

Do heterosexual couples make better parents than lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual parents? No conclusive research supports this theory. On the contrary, Pulaski, Arkansas, residents would be interested to know that recent research shows that children of same-sex couples are socially well-adjusted and have the same emotional and psychological development as those of heterosexual parents. Read More

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U.S. fathers seek international child-custody dispute resolution

Disputes over custody of minor children are common throughout the United States, including in Arkansas. International child custody disputes may be less common but their effects can be just as great on the lives of the parents and children involved. Recently, a group of U.S. fathers urged Japanese government officials to resolve existing disputes involving Read More

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Man exercises paternal rights to gain legal custody of son

Many Little Rock, Arkansas, residents who have ended a relationship may eventually end up fighting over custody of any children from the relationship. Many men may undergo a paternity test to prove a biological connection to a child in order to gain custody of that child. The recent result of a custody battle raging since Read More

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Deceased celebrity’s mother files for guardianship of grandchild

Establishing guardianship rights in the United States, including Arkansas, can be a very intricate process. Not all parents can provide care and love for their children due to a variety of reasons, or due to the unfortunate death of both parents. In such matters, the grandparents may be the closest relatives who are granted the Read More

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