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New website tries to ease the divorce process

Many people in Little Rock, Arkansas would agree that ending a marriage is often financially and emotionally draining with some divorce decrees taking several years to finalize. The intervening period is usually spent worrying about the consequences of divorce and new life circumstances that might arise. This worry is in addition to the usual divorce Read More

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Adoption finds a new direction with frozen embryos

In Little Rock, Arkansas, and elsewhere in the United States, many women would like to have children but are unable to conceive. Adoption is a frequent choice for the infertile when their natural urge to procreate is not supported by their bodies. Adoption is seen as being more acceptable to the present generation than the Read More

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New bill promises incentives for promoting guardianship

In Arkansas, like in the rest of the U.S, successfully establishing a permanent home for a child in foster care depends on a number of factors. The idea of establishing guardianships came into vogue as a means of alleviating the difficulty in finding a home for those children who have relatives but the relatives are Read More

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Singer Jewel, rodeo cowboy husband Ty Murray headed for divorce

They say marriages are made in heaven and are meant to last a lifetime. Romantic as it may be, some marriages fail to stand the test of time, and in Arkansas and throughout the country, a large number of marriages fall apart. Although some marriages fall apart due to increasing bitterness between spouses, a significant Read More

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Foster parents’ seek child custody of 8-year-old girl

Child custodial issues have become very important today because of the high rate of divorce. In most cases, whether in Little Rock, Arkansas, or elsewhere, custody is given to either one of the biological parents or to a relative. However, in cases where the minor child does not have a biological relative fit to look Read More

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