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Child custody rules change as virtual visitation is a reality

Arkansas couples might agree that it may not always be possible to connect with their children in person after divorce. Virtual visitation or communication through email, video, or webcam is recommended for those who cannot keep in touch in person. In fact, virtual visitation is changing child custody rules throughout the United States. Virtual visitation Read More

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Paternity is about being a responsible father

Throughout the United States, including in Arkansas, efforts are being made to engage fathers in the lives of their children. Among the groups that provide support to the fathers are schools, communities and various other organizations. These organizations provide support and services, and host events throughout the year to help fathers establish their paternity rights Read More

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What are the steps to adopting a child in Arkansas?

The process of adoption in Arkansas is a fairly elaborate one with certain requirements that must be met by a person who wants to become an adoptive parent. An adoptive parent must be between 21 and 65-years-old, and the age difference between the child and the person who adopts must be at least 10-years and Read More

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What are the steps to establishing the guardianship of a child?

Residents of Arkansas or anywhere in the United States who are interested in establishing the guardianship of a child can file the relevant papers with family court for a certain fee. After expressing an interest in guardianship, a resident also needs to obtain a consent letter from the parents of the child, if they are Read More

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