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General regulations regarding Arkansas minor guardianships

In every state, including Arkansas, there are laws that allow a transfer of guardianship from a parent to another adult. This usually happens when a child does not have another parent to assume responsibility. This traditional guardianship is also facilitated through laws that allow standby guardianship. In fact, many states have come up with the Read More

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Arkansas boys await adoption for four years

Arkansas residents know that adoption is a blessing in today’s modern society. While on the one hand it often helps a childless couple experience the wonders of parenthood, it also brings homeless children into a new family. But, sometimes children have to wait for years before they can find a new home. To many of Read More

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Establishing paternity and unmarried fathers’ rights in Arkansas

In the past many family law cases were settled in favor of the mother, even when the father was mentally, physically, emotionally and financially capable to care for his child. However, like other societal changes in America, fathers’ rights have evolved over time and nowadays, many courts treat parents equally in family law matters that Read More

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It is crucial to identify hidden assets in an Arkansas divorce

When a couple from Arkansas, or elsewhere, decides to file for divorce, both spouses have to deal with a number of issues. While it is often said that child custody and alimony are the most important areas that a couple needs to address, it is never wise to ignore something as important as property division. Read More

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