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November 2014
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What are the grounds for divorce in Arkansas?

According to some studies, divorce may be on the rise in the United States. In Arkansas, the grounds for absolute divorce include impotency, habitual drunkenness for a year and felony conviction. Another absolute ground for divorce is the barbarous treatment of a spouse that could have endangered the person’s life. If a spouse misbehaves with Read More

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Legal agreements help equalize parenting rights

Child custody and parenting rights can be extremely contentious issues between unmarried or divorcing couples. Visitation rights and child custody become central concerns for both parents while going through a break-up. More and more, divorcing or unmarried parents in Arkansas are opting to execute a joint or shared custody agreement to ensure equal rights and Read More

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The public shares ideas with Arkansas child support office

In a recent local survey, several parents gave opinions regarding the child support system in Arkansas. The Office of Child Support Enforcement provided responses. Some viewers proposed that the OCSE should be more active in implementing visitation rights of non-custodial parents. The OCSE responded by stating that it does not have federal funding or statutory Read More

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Understanding the legality of an “Acknowledgment of Paternity”

When addressing legal matters, commonly accepted definitions of social terms may not suffice and adhering to specified legal procedures may be necessary. While most Pulaski, Arkansas, residents and those living elsewhere in the United States may find no apparent distinction between a biological parent and a legal parent, these two adjectives defining parenthood can be Read More

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