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What to do with the marital home in the event of divorce

A complicated issue that separating couples often encounter during property division is what will happen to their marital home. As a result, in Arkansas, as well as in all of the other states where marital property is distributed equitably, the marital home often leads to some unique property division challenges. Still, it is important for Read More

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Child support orders can be impacted by certain issues

Divorced spouses in Arkansas are aware that child custody and child support issues are often no less complicated than the divorce itself. The court generally awards custody of the child to one parent and orders the other parent to pay child support, which is in the best interest of the child. The non-custodial parents need Read More

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How Arkansas paternity is established and disestablished

In Arkansas, children who are born to married parents have an established legal relationship with the mother’s husband, typically assumed to be the biological father. The name of this male thus appears on the birth certificate and establishes paternity. A child born outside of marriage can have his or her father’s name written on the Read More

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Guardianship: important elements to consider

The family court in Arkansas may issue guardianship orders, under which an incapacitated person or a person with disabilities will be ordered to be under the care of another person. That person can either be a relative or another person who would like to assume the responsibility for that person. The guardianship allows a person Read More

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