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Strong advocacy may be needed to acquire guardianship

Arkansas family court judges typically award custody based on the “best interests of the child” involved. In most cases, either one biological parent is awarded sole custody or both parents are awarded joint or shared custody. However, there are some rare cases in which the court determines that the evidence suggests that awarding custody of Read More

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Financial measures that are needed during divorce

Pulaski County, Arkansas residents going through a divorce may agree that the financial aspects of a divorce settlement or judgment, including property division, alimony, and/or child support, can be grounds for a bitter contest. This is especially true for high-asset divorces, which often lead to a greater debate between the divorcing couple. Where a divorce Read More

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Arkansas’ general provisions for paternity testing

Right after the birth of most children in Arkansas, the father will typically fill out the forms required for Acknowledgment of Paternity in the hospital. However, in some cases the paternity of the child is disputed because the child was not the consequence of marriage or a long-term relationship, there were allegations of infidelity by Read More

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The right legal approach to adoption

Adopting a child can bring a lot of joy to an Arkansas family if they have been trying to have a child but are not able to conceive. Adoption is also a good option because it provides a child who is without a family or a loving home with a family that can nurture and Read More

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