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Don’t let a child slip away, establish paternity

There are many complicated family law matters that parents throughout Arkansas may find themselves involved in. When it comes to their children, people often want to vigorously fight to save their relationship with their child. However, if order to do this the court must first recognize the person as the child’s parent. When a child Read More

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What is marital property in Arkansas?

When people in Arkansas get married, they often envision their marriage lasting forever. However, as most people understand, this is far from the reality. Every day people across the state of Arkansas choose to file for divorce. During the divorce proceedings, people will be asked to split their property into two. Each spouse then takes Read More

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Actor requests spousal support in divorce

When people get married the love they have for one another often compels them to forgo their individual interests. Instead, from the wedding forward, they work to build a life together. Each partner contributes to this new life, oftentimes financially. Over the years, their work together helps to create their own financial and emotional world. Read More

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In what ways can paternity be established?

The important role of a father in a child’s life is well documented. Children benefit in a number of ways when their fathers are an active part of their life, including being better behaved, more confident, and emotionally stable, and most fathers want to be as active as they can in their children’s lives. For Read More

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