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Grandparent custody in Arkansas

Parents take their responsibilities very seriously. This can lead to intense child custody battles when parents choose to divorce. However, parents are not the only people who take a vested interest in a child’s life. Oftentimes the child’s grandparents are also interested in having a relationship with the child. Under Arkansas law, grandparents may have Read More

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Addiction issues can complicate a divorce

Ending a marriage can be a difficult decision for any person. There are many considerations that need to be made when a person in Arkansas decides to divorce. A divorce can be an emotionally draining, financially difficult and overall stressful time for children and parents alike. The concerns that come along with divorce can be Read More

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Who can be a guardian ad litem?

Anyone who has ever been involved in a child custody dispute or other family law matter in Arkansas probably understands that emotions can run high in these situations. In some cases, it can be difficult for people to see past their emotions in order to make decisions in the best interest of their child. In Read More

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The role and duties of a guardian ad litem

Arkansas family law courts hear many cases that involve heated tension between the parties. Children are often at the center of these controversies. The parents’ emotions can sometimes take over, leaving a child in the middle. When this happens, a child’s best interest may not be served. In order to protect the best interest of Read More

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