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How do you establish paternity in Arkansas?

While some families are developed following a marriage, others occur out of wedlock. While there is no right or wrong way to start a family, unmarried parents sometimes face some legal challenges regarding their children. For some mothers, it might not be entirely clear who the father is, or the father fails to take on Read More

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Arkansas grandparents angry about placement of children

Parents in Arkansas should, ideally, be capable of taking care of their children. In most cases, it is best for children to be with their parents as they age. However, there are situations where children should not be placed with their biological parents. For one reason or another, these parents are unable or unwilling to Read More

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Unmarried couples and property division in Arkansas

Many couples in Arkansas choose to get married before living together and starting a family. However, people are not stuck to this traditional process anymore. In recent decades, many couples are living together prior to marriage and many are choosing never to marry at all. When this happens, unmarried couples need to understand that they Read More

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Is it possible to modify the terms of a divorce?

When couples in Arkansas make the decision to divorce, they must come up with an agreement that will work for them for years to come. If an agreement cannot be reached, the family law court will step in and make decisions on behalf of the couple. While an agreement can seem to be best in Read More

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Advocating for your child custody needs is important

Most parents will do anything they can in order to give their children the best possible life. When parents are in the process of divorcing, their desires to protect her children can lead to bigger disputes. Each parent may have a different vision for how to split their child’s time. Through the process of divorce, Read More

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