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January 2016
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What is the UCCJEA and how does it affect child custody

Arkansas residents are more mobile than ever before. With the invention of the Internet the world has gotten a little smaller. People can access information from all over the world and, therefore, work from all over the world. This gives individuals more flexibility when it comes to where they choose to live. While this can Read More

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The difference between physical and legal child custody

When a couple has a child together, they often split duties when it comes to raising that child. However, when couples break up it’s not always as easy to determine who will take care of the childrearing responsibilities. In many cases, each parent will want significant time with the child. When this happens, a child Read More

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Children need the protection a guardianship can provide

For parents in Arkansas, children are often the most important thing in their lives. Parents go to great lengths to ensure that their children are well taken care of and have everything they need. However, there are some situations where parents are ill-equipped to provide for their children. In these cases, the children suffer. This Read More

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Dealing with post-divorce issues

Going through the divorce process can be emotional and complex. Even when divorcing couples in Arkansas believe that they have reached a workable and fair divorce settlement, this does not always mean that they are done dealing with divorce issues or that the decision-making process has ended. And, while the post-divorce life can be a Read More

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