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Arkansas divorce: The basics

Divorce is a major chapter in any person’s life. The way your divorce works out will impact you relationship with your children, your finances, where you live and other important parts of your life. Before filing for divorce, you should take time to organize your thoughts, make a plan, and do research on Arkansas family law so that you are not starting the process blind. A divorce attorney is your best source of information on what you can expect. Read below for things you should know before filing for divorce.

Out-of-court settlement is common

More than 95 percent of all divorces are settled outside of court. Unless you and your spouse are having a very contentious separation, chances are good that your respective attorneys can negotiate a divorce settlement before you have to go to trial.

Think about your goals

Before filing for divorce, you should think about what you want by the end of the process. If you already know what outcome you want, you can make better decisions regarding selecting an attorney, property division, and custody.

Make the best decision for your future

This is the time to start consulting with professionals, such as financiers, accountants, and even a therapist. While you are the only one that can make the best decisions for your future, qualified professionals can guide you on the path. Talk to your accountant and financial planner so that you know what assets the divorce settlement will divide. A therapist can help you cope with the changes you are making and provide a place to vent any frustrations with the situation.

Decide what is worth fighting over

Keep in mind that you have to be flexible and willing to compromise in order to reach an agreement that both you and your spouse will agree with. Pick your battles carefully. Fight for those things that mean a better life for you and your children and let go of the things that will not matter in a few years.

Get organized

Take the time to get organized before you file for divorce. Write down questions as they come up and make note of advice you receive from professionals. When speaking with your lawyer, stick to the legal aspects of your case and save the emotional stress for your therapist. If you need help keeping things in order, do not be afraid to ask a close friend or relative.

Divorce can be stressful and confusing and is not something you should face without proper guidance. Before starting the process, take the time to understand your rights and options.

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