Little Rock Divorce Lawyer Finds a Spouse’s Hidden Assets

Accounting for All Assets during Little Rock Divorce

In a divorce, it is always the best policy for both parties to be completely upfront and honest about assets, investments and income. When assets are hidden, it is possible that a divorce proceeding can become mired in endless disputes and arguments. Our firm has helped several clients successfully resolve disputes surrounding hidden assets in divorce. Since 1994, the Little Rock divorce lawyers at Worsham Law Firm, P.A., have represented clients through a range of divorce issues.

How to find hidden assets in divorce

We are skilled mediators, but our reputation as tenacious litigators is well-deserved. Through the years, we have built a network of professionals, including private investigators and CPAs who assist us in finding and placing a value on all of the assets in a divorce. We have the necessary tools to find the extent of any hidden assets.

Some of the methods we use to find hidden assets may include:

  • Subpoena records (employment, bank statements)
  • Search public records
  • Investigating large purchases
  • Researching business expenses, new hires

Penalty for hiding assets in divorce Arkansas

Our firm is dedicated to successfully resolving divorce disputes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. In order to reach an equitable distribution of assets, it is crucial to thoroughly investigate all aspects of each spouse’s finances. Clients find our experience beneficial and our knowledge of the law indispensable.

Spouses who are found to be hiding assets can face severe consequences from the court. Even facing the possibility of devastating results, many spouses attempt to hide assets from the other party. If you are concerned that your spouse might be hiding assets, it is wise to seek an Arkansas attorney who is experienced in uncovering hidden assets.

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