The Effect of Divorce on a Child

Little Rock Divorce Attorney Puts Children First

Divorce is hard. Even when two adults approach their divorce in a logical, rational fashion, it is a difficult process to endure. Even when a person is looking forward to being single and moving on, divorce can be difficult. And adults have the benefit of emotional maturity, experience and knowledge on their side. Children do not exposing them to a lot of negative effects and pressures. The Little Rock divorce attorneys at Worsham Law Firm, P.A. can help create a path that is best for your children.

Divorce Impacts Kids differently

Children can be impacted differently depending on their age. The emotions can be hard for a child to explain and very confusing. For example:

  • Young children may not understand but will be learning behaviors from both parents
  • Grade school kids may feel they are partly at fault for the divorce
  • Teenagers could become upset and fault one parent over the other

While every child and family situation is different, putting your child’s needs first should be a priority.

How To Protect Your Children During And After An Arkansas Divorce?

Being aware of the potential for divorce to harm your children is the first step. That will allow you to look at the choices you have through the lens of “How will this affect my children? What is in their best interest?”

Have a plan to discuss the divorce with your child. Talk with the child’s other parent and come to an agreement on how you can jointly discuss the matter with your kids.

Reassure kids the divorce is not their fault. This will help them get through any feelings of guilt and limit negative effects of parents who are split.

Remain involved in your child’s life. Even if you have limited time with your child, make the most of it. By making every minute a priority, you will show your children they are still an important part of your life.

The final step is making sure you have an attorney on your side who can help you resolve your divorce and related family law issues effectively and amicably. In Little Rock and central Arkansas, that means turning to Worsham Law Office, P.A.

We have more than three decades of experience resolving issues such as where children will live and how they will be supported. Our goal is to protect the rights of parents in a way that aligns with what is in the best interest of their children.

Avoid Parental Alienation during an AR Divorce

It may be tempting, but the best advice we can give parents is to avoid badmouthing their child’s other parent. It may feel good in the moment, but it can have negative ramifications on your legal case and ability to co-parent after the divorce. You have nothing to gain by engaging in this alienating behavior.

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