Relocation with Custody of Child

When A Parent Wants To Move

It would be unrealistic to assume that a divorce judgment will remain accurate and effective for years following a divorce. It is with this understanding that the courts allow the parties to present reasons for decree modifications that are more amenable to their changing situation.

Many times, a parent will need to relocate for a new job or to be closer to other family members. When this is the case, our Little Rock lawyers can explain your options and the challenges you might face in court. At Worsham Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys understand the necessity of relocation and can guide you through the process. We have experience working through mediation to come to a new visitation agreement when a parent desires to relocate.

Navigating A Modification Request

Even after a divorce judgment has been finalized, many changes can happen in life that require a judgment modification. In Arkansas, it can be difficult for one parent to prevent the relocation of the other. The court understands that changes can become necessary; however, there is a specific modification procedure that must be followed to ensure the divorce judgment stays accurate and enforceable. Our firm has experience representing both parents seeking a relocation modification and parents attempting to prevent it. Do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss your situation through a consultation.

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