What Is Civil Litigation?

“Civil litigation” can serve as an umbrella term that refers to a broad range of serious legal disputes that do not necessarily fit under neat legal compartments such as personal injury, family law and criminal defense. Civil litigation cases can include:

  • Contract disputes, including commercial contracts, covenants not to compete, buy-sell agreements and employment contracts.
  • Partnership disputes and commercial litigation, including disputes involving dissolving a business, allocation of resources, business management and vision, disputes arising when one partner leaves a business and takes customers and assets.
  • Fraud and misrepresentation claims, including unintentional fraud in contract disputes.
  • Property disputes, including personal, business and real estate property disputes, and property ownership disputes that occur upon the ending of a non-marital relationship.

On Your Side For Resolving Disputes

At the Little Rock office of the Worsham Law Firm, P.A., we are fully experienced in handling a highly varied range of civil disputes. Firm attorney Richard E. Worsham have earned a reputation as aggressive litigators who will argue for their clients’ interests for maximum compensation as plaintiffs, and maximum protection from legal and financial penalties as defendants.

Our reputation for excellence in litigation ensures that your rights will be protected both in the courtroom and in settlement negotiations. When the other side knows that your attorney is aggressive and frequently successful in the courtroom, they are inclined to offer a large settlement before trial to avoid the cost and risks of litigation.

Put Aggressive Representation And Experience On Your Side

We would like the opportunity to put our civil litigation skills to work for you in your lawsuit. If you have questions regarding civil litigation law, contact us. We offer initial consultations, are available for weekend and evening appointments, and accept all major credit cards, including American Express. Contact an experienced lawyer at our convenient West Little Rock office via email or by calling 501-228-0668 or 501-490-9379 .