Valuing a Business in Arkansas Divorce

What Is Your Business Worth?

Whether you own a small family business or a million-dollar endeavor, proper business valuation can become a significant factor in a divorce proceeding. It is important to seek the counsel of a firm that has successfully handled these issues before.

Know Your Number

At Worsham Law Firm, P.A., our Little Rock business valuation attorneys have a great deal of experience in an array of family law practice areas. Clients rely on our knowledge of the law and our professional demeanor to guide them through a potentially complex dispute. If a compromise through mediation is not forthcoming, we are confident in our ability to represent clients through trial litigation.

A Depth Of Business Experience

It is important to have a lawyer who has frequently dealt with clients who have businesses. We understand the nature of these disputes and have built a network of professionals whom we can trust to properly investigate and value even the largest business. Clients trust our experience guiding others through high net worth divorce, divorces involving professional practices, and investment and retirement accounts. We will guide you to a successful resolution in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Little Rock divorce attorneys understand that business valuation is essential to properly dividing the asset. Our objective, no matter whom we are representing, is to protect the asset in a manner that maintains the viability of the business even after the divorce.

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