Modifying Arkansas Child Custody Orders

Modifying Child Custody Orders When Your Situation Changes

The divorce has been finalized. The parenting plan is on the books. You will never have to think about your custody arrangement again, right?

Not exactly.

Custody orders are a reflection of their time, striving to meet the needs of children and protect the rights of parents based on their current circumstances. When circumstances change, it may be necessary to modify the terms of child custody or visitation arrangements.

At Worsham Law Firm, P.A., our Little Rock custody lawyers have been helping parents seek modification of child custody orders in central Arkansas for 30 years and counting. We can answer all your questions, put your mind at ease and pursue an outcome that works for you and your children.

Is Modification A Realistic Option For You?

To modify custody, the petitioning parent must show that a change in circumstances has occurred, making it difficult or impossible to comply with the current order.

Circumstances that may warrant such a change to custody include:

As with all custody issues, the outcome of modification will be based on what is in the best interest of the child.

We Can Help You Change A Custody Arrangement

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