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Divorce lawyers in Little Rock, AR help spouses make a new start

Ending a marriage and contemplating the effect it will have on your family can be very emotional. That’s why it’s essential to get sound legal advice to protect your rights and well-being. If you are facing divorce, you need a thorough, accurate assessment of your legal options and a qualified advocate to help you accomplish your goals. In these matters, Little Rock divorce attorneys at Worsham Law Firm, P.A. have helped hundreds of people from our community, throughout Arkansas and from dozens of other states and countries find an acceptable resolution. We’ll work aggressively to secure favorable terms relating to child custody, property division, alimony and other aspects of your divorce.

Little Rock law firm guides clients through marriage dissolution in Arkansas

When you are beginning the divorce process, our knowledgeable attorneys will examine your situation and collaborate with you on a strategy that suits your needs. We start by outlining legal standards pertaining to:

  • Grounds — Arkansas residents can obtain a no-fault divorce if they have lived separately for at least 18 continuous months. Divorce can also be obtained through fault grounds such as adultery, cruel treatment and lack of support. If you have a covenant marriage, extra steps are required before the marriage can be terminated. We’ll give you the counsel you need so you can identify which path works best.
  • Contested versus uncontested divorce — A contested divorce is one in which the spouses are unable to reach a final agreement on one or more important issues. Uncontested divorce is a quicker marriage dissolution process that is possible when the parties agree on custody, property division and other relevant terms. If you are interested in saving time and money using this divorce method, our firm can help to prepare the settlement agreement and necessary filings.
  • Property division — Separating marital property as each spouse goes their separate ways can be a difficult process. Arkansas uses the equitable distribution system to allocate assets and debts. This means that if the parties cannot work out a settlement agreement, the judge determines how to divide property based on what he or she believes is fair. This is not always an even split. If you’re not able to reach consensus, we’ll advise you on how bank accounts, stocks and other items might be treated while pressing for a proper resolution.

Each relationship is unique, so we offer a free consultation to help you anticipate what potential issues might arise in your case. For example, in covenant marriages, additional steps must be taken before the union is dissolved. No matter what complications exist, our firm will provide honest, effective counsel.

Child custody and support that serves child’s best interests

Divorcing parents must focus on creating child custody and support terms that promote their children’s physical and emotional well-being. Often, the best way to do this is to reach agreement on legal authority, residential custody and visitation arrangements. We strive to find creative ways to overcome obstacles so that a custody agreement truly serves the child’s best interests. If this cannot be accomplished, we will work diligently to present an authoritative case to the court. Arkansas child support is calculated based on the noncustodial parent’s income and how many children a couple has, but disagreements about hidden income or missed payments could threaten the financial stability of children and their parents. Our firm takes on these cases and works to ensure that appropriate support is provided.

Representing spouses during Arkansas alimony disputes

A spouse who relies on their partner for financial support can face serious problems when the marriage ends. Our lawyers assist potential paying spouses as well as recipients in alimony proceedings. We make sure that you are aware of the factors that go into these decisions so you can determine whether to pursue a compromise on spousal support or bring your argument to the judge.

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Worsham Law Firm, P.A. represents clients throughout Arkansas in divorce proceedings and other legal matters. Please call 501-490-9379 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office in Little Rock.

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