Parenting Plans Organize Custody Issues

Improving Communications, Managing Expectations

In Arkansas, issues relating to custody, visitation and support are all addressed in a parenting plan. Our Little Rock parenting plan lawyers can guide you through divorce mediation in order to create a thorough document that both parents can agree upon.

We Work To Give You A Road Map For Success

At Worsham Law Firm, P.A., we understand the importance of a detailed parenting plan. An effective plan fosters better post-divorce relationships and can help avoid post-divorce litigation by being comprehensive. Our skill and experience as litigation attorneys allows us to educate clients on the issues that might be litigated after a divorce. This expertise guides us through developing a beneficial parenting plan.

Anticipating Conflicts

An accurate and complete parenting plan can deter further trips to the courtroom. It is the goal of an experienced attorney to address as many situations and potential disputes as possible. An effective parenting plan not only addresses the smaller issues but lays a framework to improve the post-divorce communications between the parties. We have the experience necessary to guide parents through a great deal of issues that can otherwise be contentious.

Our attorneys will work to include language in the parenting plan that details the handling of medical issues, education and religion in addition to child custody and child support. In the future, parents can refer to the document for direction rather than argue about the issues later.

Learn How A Parenting Plan Can Help

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