Transferring Assets Of The Deceased

What Is Probate?

Probate law involves the legal transfer of property from the estate of a deceased person to living individuals in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. Effective and efficient probate legal services can provide the quick transfer of valuable property, and can help in securing clear legal title.

We Understand The Process

At the Worsham Law Firm, P.A., we have handled the probate of numerous estates ranging from small estates with minor holdings to large and complex estates that involve retirement accounts, businesses and multiple real property holdings. If you or your family needs to transfer assets from one generation to the next, we can help.

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Firm attorney Richard E. Worsham can solve a full range of probate issues for you and your family. Our probate law services include:

  • Probate litigation: We provide representation in cases of disputed and challenged wills, including questions of capacity and allegations of undue influence.
  • Probating the estate: We can assess the entire estate, pay off the estate’s debt and distribute assets. We also work with estates that lack valid wills.
  • Petition to determine heirship: Often, when a family elder passes away, families do not realize that they must probate the estate regardless of its size or regardless of clear understanding between family members regarding property transfer and ownership. Realization of probate issues often occur when heirs attempt to sell a family home and realize they do not possess clear title.
    • Probating an estate is prohibited more than five years after the testator’s death. At that point, a petition to determine heirship must be pursued.

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