Little Rock Family Law Attorneys Use a Client-Centered Approach

Firm provides legal counsel for divorce, child custody and support issues in Arkansas

At Worsham Law Firm, P.A., our Little Rock family law attorneys have decades of experience representing men, women and children in a broad range of domestic matters. When family issues overlap with the law, it can lead to considerable stress and worries about the future. We understand this and are committed to helping our clients find comfort during a difficult time. From explaining complex legal terms and concepts to discussing each client’s full arsenal of legal options, we are able to help people make informed decisions about their futures.

Knowledgeable lawyers handle a full range of family legal concerns

At our firm, we believe in honesty. We tell our clients what they need to hear, even if it’s not what they want to hear. This means we’re straightforward about the fact that going through a divorce or some other family law challenge is not easy. The best way to face these issues and emerge with a favorable result is to hire an attorney who can handle difficult concerns relating to:

  • Child support — Regardless of their relationship status, both parents are responsible for meeting their child’s financial needs. We advise on factors used in initial child support decisions, as well as how modifications, education expenses and child care costs are addressed. If a question of paternity exists, our firm will advocate for an appropriate resolution.
  • Custody and visitation — When representing parents in child custody and visitation matters, we always focus on the interests and well-being of our clients’ sons and daughters.
  • Separation and divorce planning — Before you choose to divorce or separate, it’s wise to learn about your options and take steps that will protect you and your children in the short and long term. As a leader in separation and divorce planning, our firm offers useful counsel.
  • Alimony — Most post-divorce alimony in Arkansas is designed to give a party who relied on their spouse for income a chance to learn the skills needed to support themselves financially. If this is an issue in your divorce, we’ll work to safeguard your interests.
  • Prenuptial agreements — We work with couples to develop fair prenuptial agreements that clearly outline financial terms in case the marriage ends in divorce.
  • Guardianship — If a child’s parents have died or are no longer able to care for them properly, we represent parties in guardianship actions so that legal authority is granted to caring, capable adults.
  • Domestic abuse and orders of protection — In cases where domestic violence is alleged, our firm helps victims petition for orders of protection and defends the rights of accused individuals.

Our lawyers and staff understand that family issues can be trying for everyone involved. We are committed to standing up for each client’s rights, whether that involves negotiating a fair settlement, engaging in mediation or fighting it out in court.

Skillful advocates advise divorcing clients on property division matters

Ending a marriage can be very emotional, but there are also important financial issues that need to be resolved. If a divorcing couple cannot reach a property settlement, Arkansas courts decide how martial assets and debts will be allocated based on the state’s equitable distribution standard. This means the judge reviews numerous relevant factors to decide what is fair, but the division won’t necessarily be equal. In high net worth divorces and other breakups involving complex financial holdings, conflicts can arise over:

  • Business valuation — Assessing goodwill and other business assets can be a subjective process. When necessary, we bring in experts with specific industry knowledge to provide an accurate appraisal.
  • Hidden assets — If you suspect that your spouse has bank accounts or other assets that they did not report, we’ll launch a prompt investigation so that the court understands the full extent of the marital estate.
  • Investment and retirement accounts — When retirement accounts and other investments are established or grow in value during a marriage, the accumulated value is divisible among the parties.
  • Professional practices — Though one party might have a professional practice, there are many ways that a spouse could have contributed to that success, such as by paying educational costs or taking care of the household while their partner advanced their career.

No matter how large your marital estate is, our Little Rock divorce lawyers use our negotiation and trial advocacy skills to give clients the best chance at achieving a favorable property division order.

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