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Aggressive Little Rock Lawyers Take on Alimony Disputes

Firm handles issues relating to spousal support throughout Arkansas

After a divorce, alimony is often awarded to ensure that a spouse can meet their needs, particularly if one party took care of the household while the other earned a living outside the home. Sometimes referred to as spousal support or spousal maintenance, these payments can be ordered on a temporary or long-term basis. Although alimony is not automatic in a divorce, it is very common and can significantly affect the lives of the paying and recipient parties. Worsham Law Firm, P.A., in Little Rock represents both sides in these matters and vigorously safeguards the rights and interests of clients in each case.

Knowledgeable attorneys outline different types of alimony arrangements

Depending on the circumstances, three types of spousal support can be awarded after a divorce in Arkansas:

  • Temporary — From the time a divorce is filed, temporary alimony can be granted in situations where the spouses no longer share their assets. This gives wives and husbands who have been supported financially by their partners the ability to maintain their lifestyle while divorce terms are being finalized.
  • Short-term or rehabilitative — In many cases, alimony payments following the dissolution of a marriage are designed to help a recently divorced spouse until they can become self-supporting. Our lawyers conduct a detailed review to create the strongest possible argument for an alimony rate and duration that accurately reflects the particular circumstances.
  • Long-term or permanent — When a marriage has lasted a long time with one spouse earning most or all of the income or when a disability prevents a divorcing husband or wife from meeting their own financial needs, long-term or permanent alimony might be warranted.

Don’t be caught by surprise. Our firm gives clients a free initial consultation so that they can have a full awareness of potential alimony outcomes.

Professional advocates press for fair spousal support decisions

If consensus can’t be reached on alimony terms, courts use several factors to determine if payments should be ordered. The income and earning ability of each party is crucial when evaluating whether a person can maintain a suitable standard of living after a marriage ends. Longer marriages are also more likely to trigger alimony awards, particularly when one spouse took care of the children and home for an extended period. We look at the totality of the circumstances, including how property is divided in the divorce, to press for a proper spousal support determination.

Proven family litigators assist with modifications and enforcement actions

A final divorce decree is drafted to govern pertinent issues between ex-spouses on a permanent basis. However, we all understand that relationships and finances can change over the years, affecting the fairness of an alimony order. Some situations are simple, such as when a recipient ex-spouse remarries, while other attempted revisions are more likely to trigger conflict. If you believe that a significant change in circumstances has occurred, we’ll advise you whether a modification might be approved. We also represent clients who wish to keep existing spousal support terms in place and those who are alleging that a paying spouse is noncompliant.

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Worsham Law Firm, P.A. represents spouses in alimony disputes and other aspects of matrimonial litigation throughout the state. Please call 501-490-9379 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free consultation at our office in Little Rock.

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