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Establishing favorable custody and visitation terms should be the prime focus of all divorcing parents with minor children. The decisions that are made during this process can have a long-term effect on everyone’s well-being. The child custody lawyers in Little Rock, AR at Worsham Law Firm, P.A. are a family law firm that is committed to protecting the best interests of children in custody, visitation and relocation matters. We can help you pursue and create arrangements that fully address your concerns regarding physical and legal custody. Our experienced attorneys also assist clients throughout Arkansas with the modification of existing orders, disputes over parental alienation, and actions seeking to keep children away from exposure to substance abuse. For more than 20 years, we’ve developed comprehensive parenting plans that help mothers, fathers, sons and daughters maintain strong relationships and overcome difficult situations.

Favorable terms for legal authority and residence of a child after Little Rock divorce

Under Arkansas law, two types of custody exist. Legal custody refers to the authority that parents have over key matters that affect their children. This type of custody is usually awarded jointly so that each parent has a say in the legal, health, educational and spiritual concerns affecting their sons and daughters. Physical custody addresses where the child lives. Sole physical custody can be granted if the court believes that it is in the child’s best interests to live primarily in one parent’s home. No matter what the arrangements entail, our firm works closely with parents to develop sound parenting plans that provide ample visitation for noncustodial parents and clear guidance on issues such as transportation and holiday visits.

Unfortunately, parents going through a divorce frequently cannot even agree on parenting arrangements, so these decisions are made by judges who examine factors including:

  • Relationships and routine — It’s important for children to have optimal support in place during a difficult time, so courts frequently review the type of relationship that the child has with each parent. This can include looking at work responsibilities and whether changing schools will cause an unnecessary disruption in the child’s life.
  • Health and parenting ability — If a parent is limited by injury, illness, disability or substance abuse, it could impact their ability to perform key tasks. Likewise, a mother or father with a history of domestic violence risks losing their custody rights.
  • Child preference — Children of sufficient age and maturity can be given some influence over their custody arrangements. However, the ultimate decision belongs to the judge who can go against the youth’s wishes.

Every child and situation is unique. From your free initial consultation through the resolution of the case, our firm strives to establish a parenting plan that meets your child’s needs.

Child custody and visitation arrangements can be modified by Arkansas law firm

Custody and child support orders might be appropriate when initially made, but changes in the lives of parents and children could necessitate modifications. When a divorced parent gets remarried or seeks to relocate for family or career reasons, our lawyers explain whether adjustments are likely to be approved. We represent parties seeking modifications as well as those who believe the current terms should remain in place. In every case, we present thorough arguments regarding the need for the proposed change, the potential effects on the child and how a revision might foster or threaten a noncustodial parent’s ability to maintain frequent, meaningful contact with their son or daughter.

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Worsham Law Firm, P.A. assists Arkansas parents in child custody matters and other legal proceedings relating to family issues. Please call 501-490-9379 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office in Little Rock.

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