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Arkansas man faces charges for taking custody of child

Residents in Arkansas feel very passionately about many issues. However, when it comes to a person’s child, there are very few things that override a parent’s love. People will often do anything and everything they can in order to make sure their children are happy, healthy and safe.

This often means that there are extremely tense emotions at play during a child custody dispute. When a child’s mother and father both have different ideas about how a child is to be raised, the tensions can quickly become overwhelming. It can be difficult for parents in these situations to come to resolutions on simple issues. The more complicated a dispute, the more difficult it is to reach a resolution without the family law court’s involvement.

In these cases, it can be tempting for a parent to just take a child. Parents may feel like they know what’s best and, therefore, they take it upon themselves to raise the child on their own. However, Arkansas residents should know that this can result in problems in and outside of the family law court.

For example, a man in Arkansas is now facing criminal charges following a child custody dispute. According to reports, the man took a 2-year-old child away from the child’s mother recently. The mother was the man’s estranged girlfriend. Eventually, the man turned himself in to law enforcement officials after police started looking for him. Following the incident, the man faces charges for interfering with child custody.

As this recent case shows, a child custody dispute can result in criminal charges if people take matters into their own hands. Instead, individuals should know their legal rights and work through the family law court to obtain custody over their children. The family law court will make a determination of child custody in the best interests of the children.

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