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What factors are used in child custody decisions in Arkansas?

People often love spending time with their children. Therefore, it can be very difficult to think about losing time with them due to a child custody dispute. Child custody disputes can be full of raw emotions as parents try and figure out how they will split time with their children. A child custody dispute can arise with unmarried couples or when married couples go through a divorce. In either case, Arkansas family law courts will make a child custody determination if parents cannot come to an agreement on their own.

There are several factors that a court may consider when making child custody determinations in Arkansas. It is important for parents to understand these factors and how they may relate to their particular child custody case. Overall, a family law court will make decisions in the best interest of the child.

Specifically, the courts have the right to look at other determining factors to determine what the best interest of the child really is. These can include the child’s preference. This means the courts can ask the child who the child would like to live with. The court can also look at each parent’s history of drug or alcohol abuse. The court can also consider the relationships between the parents when making a child custody decision. Additionally, each parent’s work schedule and each parent’s home environment can be carefully studied in order to make child custody determinations.

There are a variety of different ways custody can be split and types of custody that are available in Arkansas. The court will use these factors to determine how custody should be split. What works in one child custody case may not work in another. Therefore, individuals should seek specific legal advice from an attorney in order to determine how child custody decisions could be made in their case.

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