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A compassionate divorce may be beneficial for everyone

A divorce can sometimes be a long, drawn out legal battle. However, a divorce does not always have to be a battle if spouses can rise above the fray with a little kindness. Legal separation may often lead to acrimony in a broken family, but having empathy may be beneficial to the process, especially for children of divorce.

Some couples have shown compassion through various acts of kindness, even in the event of divorce. For instance, according to a recent article a woman returned her ex-husband’s wedding ring instead of selling it for a few hundred dollars. One ex-husband congratulated his ex-wife on the purchase of a new home. One former spouse drove his ex-wife and her new husband to the airport for their honeymoon. And an ex-husband was offered shelter in his ex-wife’s home while his furnace was fixed.

Divorce is more often than not a bit spiteful. The biggest losers when spite rules the day are the children of divorce. Divorce causes hostility, including disagreements over the amount of alimony awarded or child support due. Acrimony in such cases may be common due to bitterness and negativity that led to the separation and break down of the marriage in the first place.

It might be difficult for estranged spouses in Arkansas to act with civility toward each other in the middle of a divorce proceeding, but it’s worth a try. Divorce proceedings with some kindness and compassion between former spouses might be especially beneficial for any children touched by the divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Acts of kindness in divorce : Rare but powerful“, Jackie Pilossoph, May 13, 2014

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