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Dads have legal rights that need to be protected

Many parents in Arkansas want to be involved in their child’s upbringing. However, the relationship between the mother and the father this is not always possible and in many cases, parents need to split custody between themselves. Often this is the case with unmarried couples and couples who have been through a divorce. In these Read More

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A father’s involvement can improve a child’s life

Children have a lot of needs. These needs are often filled by both the child’s mother and the child’s father. However, not every father is actively involved in their child’s life. In today’s society it is not unusual for a child to live in a single-parent home. In fact, many residents in Arkansas are not Read More

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What types of paternity tests are available

Many decades ago, most children were born to married couples. In these situations, it was relatively easy to determine the identity of the child’s parents.. While it is still easy to determine, in most cases, who the child’s biological mother is, it can be more difficult to determine who the child’s father is. In today’s Read More

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Get help making important decisions during a divorce

When Arkansas residents are living in an unhappy marriage they may think that the decision to divorce is the best choice for them. Once the decision to divorce has been made, people may feel like all of their important decisions are behind them. However, individuals should know that a divorce requires them to make a Read More

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Qualifications for a Hague international adoption

When people want to expand their family they have many options. When people choose to adopt a child, they can choose to do so nationally or internationally. When adopting a child internationally, individuals in Arkansas are choosing to find an adopted child from outside of the United States. It can be a complicated and legally Read More

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Finances are important during Arkansas

A divorce can be an emotionally trying time for individuals in Arkansas. People need to separate their lives from the lives of their spouse. Whether a marriage lasted only a couple of years or a few decades, this can be a hard undertaking. While people are focused on their emotions, they may not realize the Read More

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What is the UCCJEA and how does it affect child custody

Arkansas residents are more mobile than ever before. With the invention of the Internet the world has gotten a little smaller. People can access information from all over the world and, therefore, work from all over the world. This gives individuals more flexibility when it comes to where they choose to live. While this can Read More

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Children need the protection a guardianship can provide

For parents in Arkansas, children are often the most important thing in their lives. Parents go to great lengths to ensure that their children are well taken care of and have everything they need. However, there are some situations where parents are ill-equipped to provide for their children. In these cases, the children suffer. This Read More

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Dealing with post-divorce issues

Going through the divorce process can be emotional and complex. Even when divorcing couples in Arkansas believe that they have reached a workable and fair divorce settlement, this does not always mean that they are done dealing with divorce issues or that the decision-making process has ended. And, while the post-divorce life can be a Read More

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How do you establish paternity in Arkansas?

While some families are developed following a marriage, others occur out of wedlock. While there is no right or wrong way to start a family, unmarried parents sometimes face some legal challenges regarding their children. For some mothers, it might not be entirely clear who the father is, or the father fails to take on Read More

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