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A father’s involvement can improve a child’s life

Children have a lot of needs. These needs are often filled by both the child’s mother and the child’s father. However, not every father is actively involved in their child’s life. In today’s society it is not unusual for a child to live in a single-parent home. In fact, many residents in Arkansas are not actively involved in their child’s life. This may be by choice or the other parent may be preventing a relationship from occurring.

However, study after study has shown how important it is for a father to be involved in the fathers’ children’s lives. Studies have shown that children who live in homes without their father are at a higher risk for a series of negative consequences.

For example, children who live in homes without their biological father are at higher risk for neglect and child abuse. Studies have also shown that children who live without their father are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. They are also more likely to end up incarcerated when compared to individuals who were raised in a two parent home.

The absence of a father also increases the risk for teen pregnancy, delinquency and obesity. Additionally, children who have involve fathers are more likely to get better grades and have fewer emotional and behavioral problems.

While there are many benefits to having an active and participating father for children, many fathers still do not have the legal right to see their children. Often, fathers must initiate a paternity action in order to get these rights. An attorney can explain fathers’ rights and help individuals enforce them. Each child and father deserve to have a relationship and the law provides ways to make that happen.

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