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Actor Jeremy Runner awarded joint custody of 2-year-old daughter

Whether divorcing parents are high-profile celebrities or an ordinary Arkansas couple, child custody can be the most complicated aspect of a divorce. Recently, Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Runner and his estranged wife were awarded the joint custody of their two-year-old daughter. The actor’s wife, who is a full-time model, filed for divorce within a year after the marriage.

The court has ordered Renner to pay $13,000 to his wife every month as child support. Since both sides raised concerns about each other’s parenting, a hearing was scheduled by the court to resolve their child custody dispute.

According to the final agreement, both parents have agreed not to make disparaging remarks in front of their daughter. The final settlement plan by the court will help the actor create time to meet his daughter when he is out of town for film shoots.

Once the settlement was approved, Renner got emotional and hugged his attorney. After the final hearing, one of the attorneys admitted that both parties love their daughter a lot. The lawyer also said that both individuals will try to put their best foot forward in order to make this agreement work in the best interests of their child.

Parents who have been denied child custody, child support or visitation rights, or who would like to seek modification of an existing order, may wish to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. A qualified lawyer can help a parent understand their rights and clear up any questions and concerns about the legal process.

Source: Yahoo News, “Jeremy Renner, estranged wife, settle custody dispute,” Anthony McCartney. April 10, 2015

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