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Actor requests spousal support in divorce

When people get married the love they have for one another often compels them to forgo their individual interests. Instead, from the wedding forward, they work to build a life together. Each partner contributes to this new life, oftentimes financially. Over the years, their work together helps to create their own financial and emotional world. If the couple later decides to divorce, though, that world must be broken up and divided between the couple. This can often be a difficult and emotional process.

As the couple moves on to their new lives apart from each other, one of the spouses may still need the financial support of the other. In these situations, an Arkansas court may award spousal support, or alimony, to one of the spouses. This financial payment will give the lesser earning spouse some time to readjust to single life following the marriage.

No one is immune to the struggles created by divorce. For example, even famous actors may need to rely on spousal support to move forward from a marriage. This is apparently the case between actors Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. The famous couple married five years ago and have two children together. They have recently announced that they will be divorcing.

In her divorce petition, Fox cited irreconcilable differences as the cause for the end of the marriage. She also requested joint custody over the couple’s sons. Green has finally responded to the petition, requesting joint custody. However, he is also requesting spousal support from Fox. The exact figure that Green is seeking has not been disclosed.

Spousal support can be essential for some people as they move forward from a divorce. However, many times it is hotly contested. Therefore, Arkansas residents need to understand when alimony is applicable and how to go about seeking it. By understanding their rights, a divorcing individual can fight to ensure the best possible future for themselves and their family.

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