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Arkansas judge hears challenge to gay marriage ban

In recent times, advocates of same-sex marriages have exerted great pressure on state governments across the United States to recognize and legitimize gay marriages. A Washington Post-ABC News survey that was conducted in March this year showed that 58 percent of Americans want legal status for gay marriages.

Currently, 33 states have limitations and restrictions on same-sex marriages, while 10 states recognize gay people as domestic partners. In Arkansas, there is a voter-approved constitutional ban on gay marriages. Now, some people in the state are making an effort to bring about changes to the existing rules.

Proponents of same-sex marriages hope that this ban in Arkansas will be lifted in the near future. This should herald in yet another radical change to the state’s family law. Following a hearing in April 2014, a Pulaski County Circuit Court judge said that he is going to issue a ruling soon that could force the state to legalize same-sex marriages.

The plaintiffs included 21 same-sex couples who took the state to court challenging Arkansas’s ban on gay marriages. They believe this ban is unconstitutional. The plaintiffs’ attorney argued that a state’s constitutional amendment cannot supersede equal protection to all citizens as stated in the U.S. Constitution.

Same-sex marriage laws are changing at a rapid pace across the United States. There are numerous variations to the laws in each state. For this reason, those wanting to understand the current status of the law and their options may want to follow such updates or work with an experienced family law attorney.

Source:, “Hearing Set In Challenge To Arkansas Marriage Ban,” April 17, 2014

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