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Dealing with post-divorce issues

Going through the divorce process can be emotional and complex. Even when divorcing couples in Arkansas believe that they have reached a workable and fair divorce settlement, this does not always mean that they are done dealing with divorce issues or that the decision-making process has ended. And, while the post-divorce life can be a huge adjustment for some newly divorced individuals, it could also be a time when legal divorce issues need to be revisited.

Just like no two marriages are the same, no two divorces are the same. Because money is often a focal point in the divorce process, it has a tendency to also be a post-divorce issue as well. This is especially true if the terms of a divorce settlement, prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement include alimony. If a spouse seeks to modify, enforce or even end spousal support payments, this will require additional post-divorce actions.

And, much like concerns surrounding alimony, child support issues often land divorced parents back in court or mediation to address this post-divorce issue. If a parent fails to make any payments, or is not paying in full, the other parent might need to seek enforcement. Additionally, if circumstances have changed substantially, such as an increase or decrease in income by one parent, modification to payments could be made to address that change.

Lastly, it is important to keep an eye on all finances post-divorce. This means monitoring credit scores, bank accounts and other funds. This could reveal that some funds are still comingled or could help uncover assets that were not originally disclosed during the divorce proceedings. Such a scenario would require the divorced couple to resolve this matter.

Even when a dissolution is finalized, divorced spouses should understand that this might not be the end of issues with an ex-spouse. While it can be an emotional process to go through, it is important to timely address post-divorce issues as they develop.

Source:, “Post-Divorce financial issues and resources,” Kenny Divelbiss, May 17, 2015

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