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Divorce lawyers agree: prenups are becoming quite popular

A very interesting new study has come about, showing the rise of the prenuptial agreement in modern society. According to the survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the participating members of the organization (family law attorneys) say that they have seen a dramatic 63 percent increase in the number of prenuptial agreements involved in their cases over the last three years.

An added wrinkle to the study is that the respondents said that women are “initiating” prenup requests far more often nowadays (roughly 46 percent more). The study reveals a few things about the current state of marriage and divorce.

The first is that, as a society, we are moving away from the idea that prenuptial agreements are somehow “bad.” These contracts used to be considered a taboo subject for any soon-to-be-married couple; but now they are absolutely vital contracts that help the couple organize themselves before they say their vows.

The second aspect to this story is how versatile prenuptial agreements are — likely a reason why they are rising in popularity. Prenuptial agreements can deal with practically anything. They can say whether alimony is a possibility should a divorce occur; they can outline the breakdown for paying off one of the (or both) spouses’ college debt; and they can say how certain assets are handled in the case of a divorce.

Third and finally, for those couples who missed out on a prenuptial agreement: don’t worry. A postnuptial agreement can function in practically the same way.

Source: Huffington Post, “Prenuptial Agreements Are on the Rise, And More Women Are Requesting Them,” Oct. 22, 2013

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