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Don’t let a child slip away, establish paternity

There are many complicated family law matters that parents throughout Arkansas may find themselves involved in. When it comes to their children, people often want to vigorously fight to save their relationship with their child. However, if order to do this the court must first recognize the person as the child’s parent.

When a child is born to married parents, it is usually easy to understand who the child’s legal parents are. However, if the child is born to unmarried parents, it may be more difficult to determine who the child’s father is. Legally speaking, specific steps must be taken in order for a man to become a child’s legal father if the man is not married to the child’s mother.

A paternity test may be necessary in order to prove that a man is actually the biological father of a child. By establishing paternity, a child’s mother gains the right to seek child support from the father. The father, on the other hand, earns the right to have a relationship with the child. This can include the right to seek custody and visitation with the child.

By establishing paternity, a man gains the right to know his child. As studies have shown, this is immensely beneficial to both the father and the child. The attorneys at Worsham Law Firm, P.A., understand just how important the relationship between a father and a child is.

Paternity actions are not always simple. They are legal actions taken in court and require specific steps in order to be successful. Our attorneys have years of experience working on behalf of both fathers and mothers. Not only can we help to establish paternity, but our attorneys can help take the case further and seek child support, child custody rights and visitation. Children deserve to know their father and to have the financial support from both of their parents. Our dedicated team works hard to make this happen. Please see our paternity webpage for more information on how we attempt to help Arkansas families establish paternity.

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