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Effective communication crucial to marriage (and divorce)

Many Arkansas couples out there enjoy a happy marriage, and one of the most important factors to having such a marriage is communicating with your spouse in an effective and helpful way. Even for those who are not married, but dream of the day, their dream probably centers on a happy couple that has no fear of communicating back and forth to ensure each other’s happiness.

Communication is crucial to any marriage, and though that’s obvious, many people may not realize just how dire their communication habits are with their husband or wife. In fact, many marriages break down and end up in divorce because the couple fails at effectively communicating with each other.

Ultimately, communication remains an absolutely vital part of any relationship, may it be marriage or otherwise. But when it comes to marriage, a new survey makes it very obvious how important communication really is.

The poll, which was given to 100 mental health professionals, centered on communication issues with married couples. According to the responses, 65 percent of mental health professionals said that communication problems were a commonly cited factor in a married couple’s divorce. An additional 43 percent said that a close relative of communication issues — the inability of a couple to resolve a conflict — was the next driving factor for a divorce.

Splitting the information along gender lines, men said that nagging and complaining were the two top reasons they felt communication issues came up in their marriage. For women, they felt their husbands did not validate their feelings.

Source: Huffington Post, “Poor Communication Is The #1 Reason Couples Split Up: Survey,” Nov. 20, 2013

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