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Family law: help with a legal separation in Arkansas

Often, even after the first rush of love dies, U.S. residents, including those in Arkansas, are afraid of untying the matrimonial knot. Some residents may opt for legal separation, which is not just physically moving apart, but involves certain settling critical matters, such as child support, child custody, debt and property division. It is definitely appropriate to consult a seasoned attorney who can guide a separating couple through all these family law matters.

At Worsham Law Firm, attorneys are very adept at handling the legal implications of separation. Our attorneys can be trusted to provide pertinent advice and a viable plan. Legal separation is a particular stage in family law proceeding where couples can benefit from planning.

At this sometimes complicated and emotional stage of ending a marriage, divorcing couples need the support of a legal practitioner experienced in family law matters. For instance, a spouse may change the door locks of the marital home or may surreptitiously remove assets. Only a very seasoned attorney can provide advice on these delicate but important issues related to family law. Living separately can also have implications for property division. Debt and property acquired when the couple is living separately will be handled differently when and if a final divorce is sought. An experienced attorney can give proper advice on these matters.

Through the many benefits of legal separation, a couple can reap the financial advantages of staying married, like availing income tax incentives. Also, if the couple decides to divorce after legal separation, then the divorce process is simplified. Separated spouses may consider reconciliation. A seasoned attorney, experienced in family law matters, will be able to counsel the couple and make reconciliation easier.

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