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Fathers play an important role in their children’s lives

Families in Arkansas today come in all shapes and sizes. A family could consist of one parent, two parents, no kids, or 10 kids. Whatever a family looks like, the most important thing is love. Children, in particular, need to feel that they are in a secure and loving environment in order to thrive. While this is often possible with only one parent, research shows that children benefit from both of their parents’ presence.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, children are better off when their fathers are in their lives. Studies have shown that children with involved fathers fair better in a lot of areas than children without their fathers.

For example, studies have shown that children who have an involved father are more emotionally stable than other children. Therefore, they grow up to be more confident, social and accepting. These children tend to get in less trouble than their peers in their homes and communities.

Studies have also shown that children with active fathers are less likely to suffer from depression. They have fewer behavioral problems and are more likely to avoid risky behaviors, including violence, delinquency and drug use.

An active father can also affect a child’s cognitive abilities. Children who have active fathers have higher IQs. They also tend to have higher overall cognitive functioning, language skills, and educational outcomes.

While research has consistently shown that a father’s mere presence is important in the lives of his children, obtaining fathers’ rights is not always simple. The paternity process in Arkansas is legally complicated. In some cases, a DNA or other paternity test may be required before visitation can begin or custody sought. Fathers in this position need to understand that it’s not always as simple as just seeing their child.

An attorney may be necessary to ensure a father’s rights are fully protected and that he is afforded the privileges he deserves. Though it may seem like a lot of legal headaches, as research has shown, the effort is worth it for both the father and the child.

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